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Le  Soleil des Ardennes                                3, Rue de la Tour  08310 SAINT-ETIENNE-A-ARNES                                2013
Some historical information

In complement, here of information in order to discover or re-examine the high local historical places by chronological order:

  • The CHEPPE (on Large Romanie): near the exit motorway St Etienne with the Temple (51), camp of Attila
  • SEDAN: strong castle
  • RHEIMS: the cathedral and the Palate of the Tau, high places of the Sacring of Kings de France; basilica St Remi
  • Mill of Valmy War of 1870: “the house of the last cartridge” in Sedan- Bazeilles
  • War of 1914/1918: very many local tourist sites.
  • Indeed the village counts a German cemetery, because in German zone on the frontline close going in particular to Rheims with Verdun.
  • US site near: the White Mount. See the small museums local of Sommepy- Tahure and Souain, close to the “Red zone” of the 6 villages disappeared currently located in the military camp from Suippes.
  • To visit in Suippes: the Center of Interpretation of Suippes - www.marne14-18.fr
  • A homage to Roland Garros, shot down with St Morel and buried in Vouziers
  • Extremely of Pompelle in Rheims (at exit of Rheims, direction Trawl-nets out of Champagne)
  • Close Mourmelon the Russian orthodoxe vault Concerning the war of 1939/45, the museum of rendering in Rheims