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Le  Soleil des Ardennes                                3, Rue de la Tour  08310 SAINT-ETIENNE-A-ARNES                                2013
History of a restoration

At the time of the purchase of the principal house and dependences, the Southern/South-western orientation of the house and the presence of dependences allowed from the start this modification. This original building dates from the construction of the presbytery, that is to say 1860 In addition my solar convictions of energy utilization, of respect of local materials, development of the dwelling led me to invest for this tourist choice. With the assistance of an architect, but having thought of the total provision, the restoration, the extension, the implementation proceeded in 2 years. The photographs shows you the various stages, of the déconstruction to the opening. The ecological choice immediately for us was essential. To voluntarily live in isn't a house drawing aside dangerous chemicals for health an obviousness? In addition to use, to re-use local materials, to make work local companies, young contractors rest same report. This is why, of the ground to the ceiling, in all the trade associations, the same will was of setting:

  • walls out of bricks, full or hollow, gas concrete, use of lime, graive (local material)
    development of the interior solid brick wall boarding external wood, with doubling cover DRC out of concrete isolating by the vermiculite addition (natural mineral insulator)
  • frame “with old”, with hood allowing the harmonious integration of the solar panels roof in photovoltaic solar panels allowing the production of consumed electrical energy; thermal solar panels for medical warm water.
  • Thus was born the principle from the SUN OF the ARDENNES all door frames out of wooden, label PEFC
  • natural paintings, varnishes coating ground stages coloured naturally paint with lime, stucco in the parts on the floor with local dyes coming from the Mill with Colors of Ecordal:
  • http://www.moulincouleurs.fr/
  • Principal interior insulation in cellulose wadding