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Le  Soleil des Ardennes                                3, Rue de la Tour  08310 SAINT-ETIENNE-A-ARNES                                2013

Hello and welcome on the site of the lodging SUN OF the ARDENNES

It is into 2008 that the creation project of the Lodging is launched.

 Nonoriginating in this area, but owner on the other hand of an old house located in the south of the department of the Ardennes, which we acquired in 2003, we decide in one of the dependences, to transform “the old garage of the priest, the principal house was the presbytery until in the Seventies in a lodging.

It is thus in this dwelling that we accomodate you! You will find in the various pages of this site all the useful informations with your holiday.

Leave now to discovered the Sun the Ardennes! Lodging CLEVACANCES 3 keys, label Environment, approval n° 08MS131, of the 30/06/2010 Referred on:


With the financial support of the General advice of the Ardennes,
champagne-Ardenne District council.