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Le  Soleil des Ardennes                                3, Rue de la Tour  08310 SAINT-ETIENNE-A-ARNES                                2013
To see, make in Argonne...

The lodging the SUN OF the ARDENNES is located at the center of a tourist area presenting of many attributes. In Champagne countryside, cereal cultures, of alfalfa, even of sunflower of hemp, of flax, beets, the village was there is 1 century the witness of large combat 14/18 (see page Some historical information).

The localization is the following one:
20 Kms Vouziers, 25 Kms Argonne Park discovered
35 Kms Rheims
40 Kms Trawl-nets out of Champagne
60 Kms Charleville

Wall Here stated the current tourist sites hereafter: Argonne park Discovered in Olizy:
Tourism of the Ardennes: www.ardennes.com
Tourism in the Marne: www.tourisme-en-champagne.com
To see to discover to 20 Kms: vineyards Is of Rheims (Cernay-Nogent the Berru abbess)
Route Rimbaud Verlaine: Attigny; Juniville… Proximity of Belgium (60kms) with Bubble; Couvin; Dining (Belgian beers, cigars of Semoy,…)